WorkMap FAQs – Can it create a simple solution where a team leader can log products out of stock, the purchasing team can then access the data via their phone and add comments and information.

Wonderful usecase! Yes it can, and more.

First, you can easily create an online system where team leaders can log information about out-of-stock products. They can capture exactly the information they like – product name, desired quantity, comments, images, calculations – what have you.

The purchasing team is automatically notified, and they can add comments against the item right on their phone. Further, they can also add other information like expected date of availability, images etc.

The best part is, you can actually do it way better! Use WorkMap to create a simple inventory and purchasing system, where stock levels are automatically kept updated, and when they reach critical levels, the exact responsible person is notified to initiate procurement. Notice all this is happening with minimal intervention.

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