WorkMap AI allows organizations to create no-code workflow apps in plain English.

Rockville 23 October 2023 – HyperOffice today announced the release of AI Co-pilot, a new capability in its no-code workflow automation software. This feature allows users to create applications by simply describing them in plain English. is a renowned “no-code” workflow automation software which offers a simple set of tools that process owners without specialized IT knowledge can leverage to digitize processes across sectors – whether it be citizen licensing and permitting, to managing inspection checklists, to automating the journey of onboarding a new hire. 

“Let’s be honest, even ‘no-code’ app builders today assume some elementary knowledge of data structures. With WorkMap AI Co-pilot, all you need is your idea, and the ability to describe it in simple English – our system builds the app in seconds,” said Farzin Arsanjani, President, HyperOffice. “Imagine the time saved and the possibilities that open up to a much larger section of process owners across industries. This gives “no-code” a whole new meaning,” Farzin added. 

The following animation gives a quick look at AI Co-pilot. 

“WorkMap AI Co-pilot leverages the most sophisticated large language models in the world to achieve its capabilities. As A.I thinkers have suggested, the next digital revolution will be applications built on top of LLMs and target specific problems. WorkMap is exactly that.” Farzin concluded. 

AI Co-pilot is available to all users. It may be found at 

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