Tracking Electronics Recycling Chain of Custody with WorkMap

Chain of custody tracking in the context of electronics recycling means tracking the movement of used electronics from the moment they are picked up all the way to final disposition. If an e-recyling vendor is able to transparently allow customers to track their electronics waste, it is a huge statement of trust. Customers seek to track chain of custody for the following reasons:

  1. To ensure that electronics waste is properly disposed
  2. To ensure that sensitive data present on electronics devices is not compromised
  3. To meet their environmental sustainability and corporate social responsibility goals
  4. To avoid regulatory non-compliance and fines

WorkMap’s solution for the e-recycling market, RBMS (Electronics Recycling Business Management Suite) contains a module which allows your customers to log into a portal, raise orders, and track items as they move through sorting, different stages of processing, are moved to different locations, and move across the downstream vendor chain till final disposition.

Key pieces of information and reports that are available are as follows:

  1. Serialized Asset Report
  2. Certificate of Destruction
  3. Certificate of Recycling
  4. Downstream Reporting
  5. Environmental Impact Report
  6. Real time Location and Status
  7. Settlement Report

Additional benefits that WorkMap offers to e-recyclers are:

  1. A simple and intuitive interface that ensures that your customers can quickly access important information about their orders right on a web browser.
  2. The ability to create custom fields and reports to reflect unique requirements and processes

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