Top 4 Electronics Recycling, ITAD Software

While electronics recycling companies play a key role in our society by safely regulating electronics waste, ironically there are only a handful of software that are dedicated to streamlining their unique business processes and requirements. Their choice is usually between overly sophisticated ERP software, or rudimentary tools like paper documents or Excel spreadsheets. Electronics Waste companies looking to improve their operations can consider the following options:

WorkMap EBMS (Electronics Business Management Suite)

WorkMap EBMS provides a wide range of automations apps targeting specific business processes in electronics recycling companies. Some examples are:

  • Chain of custody tracker for clients
  • Material throughput tracker
  • Downstream Vendor Audit Forms
  • Inventory and order tracking
  • Facility and safety inspections

A key differentiator for WorkMap EBMS is its modern interface and focus on simplicity, which makes it ideal for small to medium sized e-recycling operations. However, it does not compromise on flexibility, and can easily be customized to create custom apps for unique business processes in a company.


RazorERP is one of the most prominent ERP applications in the electronics recycling market. It brings tremendous depth in terms of the processes that may be digitized across the entire lifecycle of electronics waste all the way to final disposition. However, it can be too sophisticated for smaller operations which do not have a dedicated IT department and value simplicity and nimbleness.

Makor ERP

Makor ERP is similar to RaorERP, in that it is modelled on traditional ERP software. This is ideal for larger organizations with intricate requirements. It provides cutting edge tools to automate the complex process of IT asset recovery and e-waste recycling, from prospecting to pick-up, through production, into resale and downstream.


Cyclelution is a cloud-based software solution that provides a broad range of functionality for recycling and recovery operations. It is suitable for a wide range of businesses, including OEMs, IT asset disposition and recovery companies, electronics waste recovery and recycling companies, scrap metal refining and recycling companies, precious metal refining companies, scrap plastics recovery and recycling companies