JotForm alternative – 5 reasons to consider

1. WorkMap offers way more than simple online forms.

Besides WuFoo, JotForm is one of the most well known form builders online. In recent times it has tried to extend its capabilities, but anyone who uses it will realize that its core DNA of being a form builder remains. WorkMap, on the other hand, is a complete workflow automation and information management platform where team members can work together on information online, manage multi step workflows, create automations for how information will behave, assign responsibilities and get insights from data. And yes, you can build forms too!

Workflow Management Software

2. WorkMap allows you to reduce manual work with automations

A core component of WorkMap is “Automations” which offers endless possibilities through a simple “if this happens then do this” structure. Whether it is moving information through a multi step process, assigning responsibilities, doing calculations, updating information, or sending email and sms notifications, this is just a small example of what you can do with automations.

relational online database

3. WorkMap offers really cool capabilities.

WorkMap offers some exciting and unique capabilities in the online database management market. Namely:

  • Email Workflows. Assign records to people via email based on rules. For example, whenever a sales lead value is more than $100,000, the lead is sent via email to the enterprise sales manager. The manager can view and edit the lead via email, without having to log into WorkMap.
  • AI Matching. WorkMap can automatically match two lists based on a set of rules, and trigger automations on the basis of this matching. This is great capability for resource allocations.
  • In built scheduling. WorkMap offers resource scheduling out of the box. So whether it is a sales person allowing people to self register for a demo based on her/his schedule or a meeting room which can be booked in advance, it can easily be managed in WorkMap.

4. WorkMap allows everyone to keep on top of their responsibilities.

WorkMap recognizes that each process consists of people who are responsible for different tasks, updates etc. In WorkMap, things can be assigned to team members, for example assigning expense approvals to the manager. The “My assignments” section in WorkMap allows all team members to keep on top of their tasks in a single place.

5. WorkMap is a relational database system.

For Forms and simple management of information gathered through these forms, JotForm is great, but it has severe limitations in handling anything more complex. WorkMap, on the other hand, is a rich relational database which allows you to structure complex information in multiple tables with relational connections between them.

If you think WorkMap is the JotForm replacement you are looking for, sign up for a free trial today.