Is it possible to share an MS Access database over the internet?

The Microsoft Office Suite includes Microsoft Access, a database management system (DBMS). It is designed to allow users to easily create custom databases and develop software by combining a visually oriented user interface with relational database technologies. MS Access gives the user every option and tool imaginable for creating forms, reports, tables, databases, and queries.

With the help of the potent Microsoft tool MS Access, databases may be built that can be utilized for a variety of business processes before being combined into one for uniformity and simple transfers. With this no-code tool, you can create a database on your own with essentially no coding experience.

However, we can assist you if you’re unsure whether you can send someone an MS Access database you built online. It is feasible to share your database, but there are obviously a few steps and conditions that must be met beforehand.

How to share your MS Access database over the internet

We have compiled a list of tips and tricks for you to share the MS Access database you created over the internet with someone.

  • By creating a split database, you can share your MS Access database over a LAN network. By using this strategy, you may develop a database that has both a backend and a front end, and then share the front end with others so they can edit and modify the forms, queries, and other front-end components. One of the safest and easiest ways to share an MS Access database with coworkers who are linked to you via a LAN network is through this method.
  • An MS Access database you developed can be shared online with someone using SharePoint. To prevent a data breach or external manipulation of your data, it is always recommended to construct the database externally and not on SharePoint if you plan to share it for editing or downloading through SharePoint.
  • Making a database server is a standard method for sharing your MS Access database online. It is suggested over alternative methods of database sharing since it offers benefits including strong security safeguards to prevent data breach or leakage, better candidate accessibility, higher performance and sharing scalability and alternatives for data backup recovery.
  • It is very simple and quick to build a shared folder if you only want to share one database. This method works best in a small setting, such as a house or a small company, where the amount of data is not very large and data leakage is not a significant security concern. In the Options section of the File tab in your MS Access dashboard, there is an option to share your database in this manner.You can enable sharing here and choose which machines should have access to a certain folder that contains the database you want to share. You can give either read-only access or write access to the users you have shared the database with, according to your needs.


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