What is Microsoft 365? Does it include MS Access? What do you get with Microsoft Office 365 Access?

Microsoft 365 is a plan of subscriptions to the most popular Microsoft Office softwares offered by Microsoft. It was formerly known as Office 365. Microsoft 365 includes a set of applications that include MS Word, MS Excel, MS Powerpoint, MS Teams, MS Outlook, OneDrive, and many more which can help you to stay connected and organized with your everyday business processes and control and operate business operations from anywhere and at any time. Microsoft 365 is more than just the ordinary Microsoft Office suite as it combines all the useful Microsoft applications with various cloud computing and storing applications which makes your work easier.

MS Access is also a part of Microsoft’s 365 subscription plan in all variants including Microsoft 365 Family plan, Microsoft 365 Personal plan, Microsoft 365 Business plan, and Microsoft 365 Business Standard plan. The amount of services you get in your plan depends on which plan you would opt for, and the price rises as you opt for more services.

Features of MS Access in the Microsoft 365 suite

1. Cloud Sharing of databases

Developers have experimented with sharing MS Access databases over the internet in the form of cloud sharing instead of always having to use applications like SharePoint in the new Microsoft 365 suite. However, this method has not been very helpful and efficient as one might have expected owing to the huge size of tables and databases in one MS Access file and the not-so-good internet connections and networks available commonly. Sharing the huge data source that one MS Access database contains also results in a small-scale hampering of the data contained in the database.

2. Work on your MS Access database using a remote desktop server

With the new Microsoft 365 suite being accessible anywhere and everywhere to the owner, you now have the liberty to access your MS Access databases from a remote database server using a feature called Shared Computer Activation (SCA). This feature is available only in selected plans of Microsoft 365 like Microsoft 365 Business Premium and Microsoft 365 Apps for Enterprise. You can use the Shared Computer Activation feature to activate your MS Access databases and files on any desktop server away from your home and administration server where you generally work upon. This is a helpful addition to the list of features provided by MS Access and the credit goes to the Microsoft 365 suite.

3. Better user interface and productivity but not for MS Access

The more you pay for a Microsoft 365 plan, the better services, and cloud computing options you will get for all your MS Office softwares including MS Access. For instance, Microsoft 365 Business Standard plan gives you the option to run your Microsoft applications from up to five devices including laptops, desktops, Macs, or mobile phones. But these features are not available for MS Access. MS Access will only run as desktop-installed software even if it is a part of your Microsoft 365 suite. Unlike the online versions of MS Word, MS Excel, etc. MS Access only exists in the Microsoft 365 suite as it has been licensed to do so. The suite fails to provide unique and helpful features to all its licensed applications.


MS Access is an extremely helpful application for businesses and when combined with the unique and easy-to-use features of the Microsoft 365 suite, Access helps you to organize and run your business processes more easily and efficiently.

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