5 Database Apps for Non-Profit Administrators

Non-profit administrators require database management softwares that do not consume much of their funds in building and using a database. In this case, no code tools are advised to be used as they do not consume a lot of your effort or money. A few platforms to build your database are given below.

5 best database management apps for non-profit administrators

1. WorkMap

WorkMap.ai provides a great range of features available if you own a non-profit firm or an organization and want to manage tasks like assignment of tasks, regulate funding and expenses and manage recipients. WorkMap provides a user interface that helps you manage all these tasks giving you the options to create and maintain a task management database, record inward and outward funding, track inventory and monitor logistics.

2. Fiverr

Fiverr is a free online web platform for freelancers and their administrators to source work and store their tasks and other related details efficiently. It is extremely famous amongst freelancers and their consumers owing to its user interface and the variety of features that it provides. 

3. MS Access

Microsoft Access is a database management software (DBMS) provided by the Microsoft Office Suite. It is built on a combination for the user to use a graphically oriented user interface along with relational database tools that can be used for easy and customized database building and software development. MS Access provides the user with all possible options and tools to build forms, reports, tables, databases, and queries. MS Access is a powerful and inexpensive Microsoft tool that can be used for creating databases that can be used for various business procedures and then integrated into one for uniformity and easy transfers. It is a no-code tool that requires next to zero coding knowledge for you to build a database for yourself. MS Access can also be used to create a customizable accounting database to record expenses and earnings.

4. Claris

Claris File Maker is an application that helps you build softwares and develop several other functions for your business processes. It has four variants to choose from, which are Claris File Maker Pro, Claris File Maker Server, Claris File Maker Go, and Claris File Maker Web Direct. This database management software can help your organization to track funding and expenses, approaching and record donors and their respective donations, create and use mailing lists to send out notifications for events, etc. The software does not make it difficult for the user to build an application for his or her business owing to its easy-to-use interface and dashboard and also provides an option to link one application or database to others to integrate all business processes into one to fasten up work and avoid errors.

5. SQL Server

SQL Server uses the basics of relational database management systems to build an application for administration. It can create all kinds of softwares which can be used for reporting, analyzing, data storing, and data managing purposes. You can link the databases you build in the SQL Server with your Customer Relationship Management System (CRM) to fasten the delivery procedures and limit manual activity and effort.

6. Scale Grid

Scale Grid is a Database as a Service (DBaaS) platform that can aid in the everyday procedures of your organization by automating a huge chunk of administration. Scale Grid provides both cloud and on-premise (physical) computation and data storage. It provides all features to use in an administration ranging from data collection and entry, analysis through query generation and running, supervision and monitoring. The application also provides an efficient backup system for your data that can help in case of a system crash or data leakage. 


For non-profit administrators, easy-to-use and inexpensive no-code database softwares prove extremely helpful to retrieve, collect and store giant chunks of information. All such database applications have been proven beneficial for record-keeping and other business routine processes. No-code tools are the easiest alternative for you to automate and ease your business processes along with attaining a relaxation in your everyday running costs. If you are looking for a simple-to-use no-code tool to build your business, Workmap is a user-friendly tool that can help you build any kind of tools for your business, that too without using any kind of coding processes. Check out WorkMap ai today at nominal prices and take your business to a next level by automating everyday procedures. Visit hyperoffice.com for more information, tips, and suggestions related to Workmap.ai and no code automation and development.