Database Software for When You’re Looking for Something like Microsoft Access

Microsoft Access is a database management system that comes pre-installed on Windows computers. It’s helpful for small businesses and organizations with a lot of data to track, but it can be time-consuming and difficult to learn. Luckily, there are better, more user-friendly alternative programs out there that are easier to use and just as (if not more) helpful as MS Access. For a novice user, the best alternative to Microsoft Access will be a software that provides similar functionality without being nearly as challenging to use. In this article, we’ll go over such an alternative to Microsoft Access that covers all of its limitations while fulfilling your database needs.

Why use an alternative to Microsoft Access?

MS Access is considered the best data management tool for organizing and recording data. It is primarily intended to facilitate small and medium-sized enterprises and sometimes even large companies. However, to make full use of this tool, you need to be savvy when it comes to coding knowledge.

In addition, MS Access also has many other limitations. The tool can be overwhelming for newbies, not Mac compatible, lacks database scalability, and so on.

Microsoft Access also divides opinion. Users of MS Access point to its ease of use, the huge range of online resources available to users of all abilities, as well as its powerful query, filtering, and spreadsheet tools. Anti-Access users question its lack of scalability, the frustrating 2 GB limit, the continued use of a separate file for the database, and the potential for database corruption in multi-user databases.

Some of the limitations in MS Access are:

●       Simultaneous connections    

● File-Based Limitations

●       Device Compatibility

●       Storage Issue

●       User-friendliness

One of the best web alternatives to MS Access is one of the best MS Access alternatives with all its strengths and none of its weaknesses. It is an easy-to-use web-based drag and drop tool that is compatible with a range of operating systems including Mac OSX

It is an affordable alternative that is similar in structure but offers the benefits of cloud access.

Its impressive features include:

●       Online data tables

●       Drag and drop web forms

●       Workflow automation and alerts

●       Data mining reports and queries

●       Export calculations to PDF

●       Data export and automation

●       Multi-level permissions

●       Sending files

Workmap as Alternative to MS Access

WorkMap is a cloud-based database solution with forms, automation, and reporting capabilities that can be accessed from any device via a web browser. This solution serves as a great alternative to MS Access, especially for teams that answered yes to any or all of the above questions. WorkMap is a code-free solution, meaning it will be easy for your team to learn how to use the product and customize it to meet your specific workflow needs.

Features of Workmap that outshine MS Access

Easily customizable forms

WorkMap offers forms that can be easily customized using a drag-and-drop form editor. These forms are able to capture data from external users as they can be shared using a public link or embedded on a web page. In addition, forms can also be used for internal data submission, similar to forms in MS Access.

More data views and visual references

WorkMap offers both tabular and modal views of workflow (table) records, which show the relationships between tables. These visual links can be used to display connected information that may be located in another table without having to switch screens on your device. For example, in a school management database, a student table can be linked to parent or guardian records, as well as class and teacher records. Additionally, multiple views of data make it easier to find and display information, meaning fewer reports are needed.

Powerful automation without code

WorkMap offers a number of automations that can be easily created without coding knowledge. These automations are a great way to speed up and properly maintain processes with a workflow without having to learn SQL or other languages ​​needed to query the database. They can be triggered by new record creation, record updates, phase movements, or date and time status.

These automations can also be used in conjunction with stages by keeping an updated state array. In the sales workflow example above, records automatically cycle between new deals, deal reviews, and wins or losses when their status column is updated.

Why you should choose Workmap over MS Access

WorkMap is a native website built for teams

Access limits you to your local network and is not built for concurrent team access. This is highly regressive in the cloud and mobile world. WorkMap allows you to create truly modern database applications that your entire team can access from anywhere in the world.

Workmap efficiently works for large databases

Access really slows down when you’re working with databases larger than 1GB. Workmap is a massively scalable web solution that works like magic for both small and large databases.

Workmap works in real-time

With WorkMap, multiple team members can simultaneously contribute to your database and view each other’s additions in real time! Access? Don’t even dream about it! Forget having to share memos and keep track of what everyone else is doing to keep yourself up to date. With Workmap, all the work is done for you!


In conclusion, it may be time for MS Access users to switch to WorkMap, especially if they are looking for better collaboration and better team accessibility of their database! Workmap is a user-friendly tool that can help you build and work on all kinds of databases for your business, that too without using any kind of coding processes. Choose Workmap for your business and free yourself from any kind of extra effort you have to put into creating and maintaining databases forever!