Accounting in MS Access

Microsoft Access is a database management software (DBMS) provided by the Microsoft Office Suite. It is built on a combination for the user to use a graphically oriented user interface and relational database tools that can be used for easy and customized database building and software development. MS Access provides users with all possible options and tools to build forms, reports, tables, databases, and queries.

MS Access is a powerful Microsoft tool that can be used for creating databases that can be used for various business procedures and then integrated into one for uniformity and easy transfers. It is a no-code tool that requires next to zero coding knowledge to build a database for yourself. MS Access can also be used to create a customizable accounting database to record expenses and earnings. 

Features of using MS Access for Accounting

MS Access has many advantages and disadvantages for users who want to use it for their everyday accounting processes.

  • The first and most important advantage of using MS Access for accounting in your business is that it will save you big money. MS Access is a sure-shot way of cutting costs by not requiring you to splurge a lot on database management softwares by building one of your own. You do not need expensive third-party software to be bought extra in addition if you develop your accounting database software on MS Access.
  • A user-friendly interface and easy-to-use dashboard provided by MS Access give the application an edge over alternative options as the user will prefer an easily navigable and customizable database builder as they have to work on it by themselves.
  • MS Access contains all features required to build and customize almost any type of database management software under the sky. It has various tools that can be used to generate customizable and editable queries and analysis tools that generate reports for adequate interpretation of your expenses and incomes.

Types of accounting programs built in MS Access

Invoicing system

An invoicing program in MS Access captures and stores all the information about selling a business’s goods and services. It stores all the information about the sale like invoice number, price, and other product details. This helps to keep track of sales and stock. 

Stock and Inventory System

By introducing a separate database for stock keeping and linking it to the invoice system, you can keep track of the stock levels you possess and plan orders accordingly. This database can contain tables and headers like suppliers, dates, money spent, transactions, and the number of goods received or sent.

Ledger account management

MS Access can also be used as an effective database management tool to build a ledger account and a financial statement for your business. These financial recordings are crucial for a company to analyze its economic conditions and essential for an internal or an external audit. For businesses, managing ledger accounts is an integral part of keeping track of their financial health. By monitoring these accounts, companies can ensure that their assets are appropriately accounted for and that their expenses are not exceeding their income.

Employee Management

Linking your accounting database with the employee management database is a practical step as you will have to incorporate the salaries and other paychecks you send out to your employees into the financial expenses of the business. Thus this linkage reduces the manual effort and scope of the error to enter the payrolls twice, once in the accounting database and then in the employee management database.


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