No Code Influencers You Need to Follow

We understand that coding is a bit of a complex procedure and not everyone may be up for it to learn to code and then apply the same in your everyday work procedures and routines. The whole process becomes hectic and the same has been realized by many people who have now become influencers and inspirations for people who refrain from using code in everyday tools and processes. Here are some of the most influential people that create awareness and content around using no-code tools for your work processes that you should definitely follow right away. They are immensely talented people and preach what they have used, tried, and tested on their own products previously.

5 No Code Influencers You Need to Follow

1. Doc Williams

Doc Williams is popular in the no-code industry as he has built three businesses wholly using no-code tools. He shares his experience and tips to tackle real-life problems live in front of his audience and shares solutions to cases and problems that require special attention and techniques. He is genuine in terms of what he preaches as he has tried and tested everything in his own ventures whatever he gives out for his audience. He starts all his no-code processes from scratch and takes it to the next level, that too live in front of his followers!

2. Bram Kanstein

Bram Kanstein is a messiah for people who do not have a technical or a coding background but want to build their startups with effective automation and with a foundation of no-code tools and software. Bram Kanstein owns a startup called Zapier which he has built single-handedly using absolutely no code tools. He has also curated a treasure box containing tools and information related to no-code tools and software along with online courses of the same on his website called He encountered the culture of no code building through and started to curate his work in it. His startups are now considered to be the most successful products ever built using no-code tools, which makes him a top ranker in the list of no-code influencers that are absolutely to be followed by people who aspire to build an empire based on no-code tools.

3. Ben Tossell

Ben Tossell is believed to be sitting on the peak of the no-code industry. He owns a website called Makerpad which is curated as such to be of utmost help to people who have almost zero knowledge about building something without using code at all. The website provides you with a step-by-step ladder to climb on while developing a no-code tool for yourself. Ben started building Makerpad after he was curious to build something from scratch for himself without using coding. The website now is a trusted source for thousands of users who have been inspired and empowered by Ben Tossell and his hustle to build their own applications without learning extensive coding.

4. KP

KP was inspired to start his no-code journey by the frustration from the process of finding a good web developer and making him understand your vision to create a website of your own. KP discovered the no-code movement on Twitter after realizing how easier it becomes to use no-code tools to build software for your own brand yourself and actually implement the process which is running in your mind and transfer it from a raw state to an implemented state. 

5. Lacey Kelser

Lacey Kelser represents women’s empowerment in the no-code industry and helps women-aided businesses to grow their tools and software without using rigorous coding procedures. Her journey is aided by her disinterest towards coding but a keen eye and excitement for creating appealing visuals. She worked at a SaaS company previously but left after she realized that using no-code tools was more effective in terms of productivity.

Wrapping Up

To learn more and more about no-code tools and using them for automation, these influencers can be your one-stop solution. They have immense experience and skills and hone them to educate people who genuinely want to build their businesses and scale to heights. If you are looking for a simple-to-use no-code tool to build your business, Workmap is a user-friendly tool that can help you build any kind of tools for your business, that too without using any kind of coding processes. Check out WorkMap ai today at nominal prices and take your business to a next level by automating everyday procedures. Visit for more information, tips, and suggestions related to and no code automation and development.