5 ways in which WorkMap.ai can simplify COVID rapid/PCR testing and vaccination drives

Organizations across the board have stepped up and participated in the testing and vaccinations drives to help combat the COVID pandemic. However, many of these organizations were not equipped with the right information tools to organize these drives. As a result, they have fallen back upon cobbling together systems consisting of web forms, WordPress plugins, scheduling tools, or simply Excel spreadsheets. WorkMap.ai’s testing management and vaccination management applications are built for the precise needs of the organizations managing these drives. Here are 5 ways in which WorkMap.ai can help you improve the patient experience:

Enable self registrations with Web Forms.

Rather than having people call in and burdening staff with having to enter patient details, allow patients to self-register in advance right on your website through beautiful branded web forms that may accessed on mobile or web.

Manage appointments with online booking and self-scheduling

WorkMap.ai has scheduling built into its workflows, meaning you can allow patients to check available slots on available days, and book slots in advance.

Automatic reminders and notifications

Whether it is reminding a patient about their upcoming appointment, sending them an alert about a missing document, or sending them their testing and vaccination certificates, you can manage all email and SMS notifications right in WorkMap.ai.

Issue COVID testing and vaccination certificates

WorkMap.ai auto generates certificates based on patient results, and automatically sends them to the patient. This saves you the serious headache of figuring out how to create and distribute certificates.

Create Reports for Compliance

As medical organizations participating in the fight against COVID the regulatory requirements and onerous and constantly changing. WorkMap.ai lets you create custom reports within clicks, that can be directly shared with relevant stakeholders to meet government requirements.

You can sign up for WorkMap.ai here.