Microsoft Access Online Editor – Editing and sharing Access databases online


Microsoft Access, inspite of being one of the oldest and most beloved database applications, is notoriously lacking when it comes to being able to access and share databases online. Access briefly had an online version developed by Microsoft – Access Web Apps – but it was sunsetted by Microsoft in 2018. This article presents an option for Access users looking to edit and share Access databases online – WorkMap.

WorkMap is a web based relational database and workflow automation system. It allows Access users to import their Access databases, and manage them in an online team environment. Here are the steps involved:

Step 1

Sign up for WorkMap

Step 2

Click on “New App”, use the option to “upload Access file”, and upload your .accdb or .mdb file.

Step 3

Identify primary keys for different tables.


Your Access database tables and relationships are imported, and are now available for sharing and editing in a real-time online environment

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