Save Hours Everyday with No-Code Automations

In the digital age, it has become more important than ever to maintain the highest level of efficiency and productivity possible. Luckily, no-code tools can help you save time and resources by automating your existing work processes. 

No-code tools are alternatives to traditional programming languages. These tools allow anyone to build a web app, website, database, etc. without having to write actual code. 

If you feel like your time at work is consumed with repetitive or mundane tasks, keep reading to find out how no-code can alleviate some of these responsibilities and help you save valuable time – a whole hour a day!

  1. Ditch the Spreadsheets

While they were formerly a staple for businesses practices, the needs of the modern administrator have outgrown what the traditional spreadsheet can offer.

The problem with relying on spreadsheets is that spreadsheets exist in individual editions that must be copied in order to view and edit. As more and more people make copies of the spreadsheet, the more the data will be altered until there exists a variety of “copies” which may or may not contain consistent, accurate, and up-to-date information. Additionally, there is no way to enforce data types, such as text, numbers, multichoice, etc. This can lead to numerous errors in data reporting. Distributing these copies as well as figuring out which data is correct takes pointless time out of your workday – time that can add up. 

If your company is still using outdated spreadsheets, it is time to make the time-saving switch to cloud-based data management. A cloud-based collaborative tool will eliminate the time needed to avoid errors of spreadsheet mix ups – according to one study done by Alteryx, Inc., spreadsheet users waste about 9 hours a week “needlessly repeating work,” meaning you could save about an hour and a half per day by making the switch.

2.  Update Your Automations

Do you ever find yourself having to repeat the same task over and over again? Whether that be assigning jobs, entering data, or notifying employees and/or clients, no-code has a simpler solution. 

Automations are functions designed to run over and over again based on a given criteria. Instead of manually completing the same task time and time again, all you need to do is create a specific automation and dictate when/how it is going to run. Then sit back and let the tool do all the work for you.

Eliminating these pointless assignments from your day-to-day workload helps your team work more efficiently and allows you to focus your time on more important, creative endeavors. By combining multiple repetitive tasks into one (and by automating your data collection like in step 3), these automations can save you and your business upwards of about 6 hours a week (almost a full hour every workday) according to a survey conducted by Smartsheet.

3. Managing Forms

Webforms help make data collection easy. Instead of spending your time (or your employee’s time) distributing and collecting physical forms, simply forward the link to a premade online form. All the data collected via the webforms can be automatically inserted into pre-built databases, saving you the trouble of parsing through them yourself.

4. Reports and Analysis

Finally, making sense of your data without a helpful framework can be a daunting and time-consuming engagement. Luckily, no-code tools offer powerful reporting features that help you slice-and-dice datasets. 

Trying to locate patterns or narrow down information is a job not ideal for humans. However, for AI-powered online tools, analyzing large sets of data is a breeze. Passing the torch to no-code software instead of struggling with it yourself saves you time and allows you to work on jobs that you are properly equipped for. According to an analysis done by Zirous, this small change could save you 5 hours a week (another entire hour every day).

Getting Started

Now that you know the potential no-code has for your productivity levels and the value of saving an entire hour every single work day, it’s time to find the right no-code tool for you. One popular cloud-based management system is Workmap includes all of the features detailed above, such as webforms, automations, and reporting. Click here to checkout Workmap and click here to use’s productivity calculator to see how much money cloud-based no-code alternatives can save you company.
Click here for a more comprehensive no-code directory, and get excited about all the time you’ll be saving once you make the switch!