10 Best Vaccine Management Systems

  1. HIMS.ai

This database management system built specifically for healthcare administrators offers a myriad of no-code tools available in its “Vaccination Tracking” application.

This application includes tools such as a “Vaccine Inventory” workflow where information related to vaccines (manufacturer, expiration date, etc.) can be inputted and filtered. It also includes an eligibility quiz that those looking to receive a vaccination can take to see if they are eligible in the current phase. Additionally, there is a consent form, a registration form, and a “Follow-up” workflow.

Although many of the tools were designed with the COVID-19 vaccine in mind, they are applicable to any vaccine type, streamlining many large processes handled by healthcare administrators.

2. Vaccine Cloud

Originally an extension of Work.com, Vaccine Cloud is a configuration of Salesforce applications. It was one of the first virtual vaccine management tools offered, having been developed at the very start of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Its features include monitoring, inventory checks, analytics, and local and community data.

3. Zendesk

Zendesk provides an efficient and personalized management system that follows the entire process of vaccination –  including pre-vaccination, vaccine administration, and post-vaccination. Its features include registration, scheduling vaccination appointments, administration and receiving post-vaccination certification.

With the help of Zendesk, vaccine organizers can have an end-to-end system deployed within a matter of weeks.

4. Oracle Cloud

Used by the CDC to manage their COVID-19 vaccination program, Oracle is at the forefront of vaccine distribution and testing. The company has effectively used their existing frameworks to create the National Electronic Health Records (EHR) Database alongside a suite of Public Health Management Applications.

This system is excellent for collecting and analyzing vaccination data and provides administrators with a real-time view of large amounts of information.

5. GovConnect

Another big tech name joining the vaccine management movement is Deloitte, with their development of GovConnect. This system offers a suite of services for public health, including a centralized vaccine management platform that can manage both vaccine distribution and administration. One perk about this system is that it is mobile ready thanks to its Salesforce platform.

6. ServiceNow

ServiceNow offers a variety of digital workflows for different business practices. With the onset of COVID-19, they have released four customizable applications specific to the vaccination process. These apps are “Emergency Response Operations,” “Emergency Outreach,” “Emergency Self-Report,” and “Emergency Exposure Management.”

Each of these applications offers specific tools for management vaccinate data and work together to simplify an otherwise overwhelming process.

7. CronJ

Like ServiceNow, CronJ is a company of database management developers who have created a specific suite of products unique to COVID-19 vaccination processes. Their vaccine management software is an AI based system which streamlines the flow of vaccine tracking, inventory management, and identifying patients. It offers consistent support and resources for healthcare workers at the public and state levels.

8. Accenture

Accenture prioritizes four key components in their vaccine management systems: policy, collaboration, scalability, and funding. Their solution consists of five distinct modules: a Vaccine Management and Tracking Platform, Supply Management, Community Education and Engagement, Contact management, Analytics and reporting, and Organizational Support. These components can be used together or individually to help state and local governments keep up with CDC regulations throughout the vaccination efforts.

9. VaccineXpress

VaccineXpress is a cloud based, secured, Vaccine Management or Vaccine Inventory Management application for doctors, hospitals, and other healthcare administrators. It offers the ability to see real-time, updated inventory records, maintain patient records, payment records, and record vaccine shipments. It also offers barcode scanning abilities which can be an important requirement depending on your administrative needs.

10. IBM

IBM offers several systems for various vaccination processes – including supply-chain management and end-to-end vaccine handling/tracing. However, one of their unique offerings is their “IBM Digital Health Pass.” This solution is designed to enable organizations to verify health credentials for individuals entering a site based on criteria specified by the organization, such as test results, vaccination records and temperature checks.