5 ways in which Intranets can help businesses during the Coronavirus epidemic

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Businesses have anxiously followed the unfolding of the Coronavirus epidemic over the last couple of months. While their foremost priority is to keep employees safe and healthy, but they also don’t want to react in panic.

In this situation, clear and timely communication between the management and employee base is critical. Intranets, as the hub of internal communications can help in the following ways:

1. Clear guidelines

Businesses should publish clear guidelines on their corporate intranet for all employees to see, so that there is no ambiguity in these testing times. These guidelines can include the following:

  • Guidelines for potentially sick employees
  • General instructions as issued by the government authorities – who to contact if suspected of infection, what to do etc.
  • Hygiene and safety instructions
  • Work from home policies
  • International travel policies

2. News and updates

Coronavirus has created a dynamic situation full of uncertainty as it rapidly spreads to different parts of the world. Given this, it is essential that businesses provide constant updates to their employees about the general situation, and how it impacts them. News distribution capabilities in Intranets can help with this.

3. Announcements

In a situation where managers are having to make minute to minute decisions about closing offices, delaying events, and changing policies it is critical that important announcements be communicated instantly across the entire organization. Since most organizations are spread across offices, Intranets are an effective way to convey this information.

4. Resources

As more and more employees are encouraged to work from home, it is very important to provide them with resources to help stave the crisis and also get their jobs done from work. An Intranet can be a go-to hub for company resources that employees can access from their home:

  • Collaboration tools
  • Important documents and templates
  • HR forms

5. Communication hub

Most modern intranets go beyond being static pages, but allow employees to access collaboration tools like chat and texting. Employees can use communication tools like group chat, video conferencing, screen sharing to continue working even though they are not physically with each other.