Migrating Microsoft Access Online

Besides other limitations, the main disadvantage of Microsoft Access is that it is not available online. Inspite of the power Access brings, this imposes severe restrictions unpalatable to users who are now hooked to benefits of the cloud – device independence, working in a team context etc.

Because of this, even companies who have painstakingly built and used custom Access apps for their business for years, have started to shop for options to take their apps online. Unfortunately, there is no option for this within the Microsoft Access universe.

In this article, we describe the steps required migrate Access databases online to HyperBase, a popular online alternative to Microsoft Access.

Step 1. Save your Access Database as accdb

Save your Access database in the .accdb file format, especially if your database is in one of the older formats (.mdb etc). Unfortunately, you will only be able to migrate your tables through this mechanism, and not Forms, Queries and Reports. The following video briefly describes how to do this:

Step 2. Create an account in HyperBase and import Tables through your Access accdb file

Quickly create a new HyperBase account, and create the target application. Inside the Application, go to the Tables section, and create your target table. Now click on import, and check “import from Access”. Find your file and initiate the import. Presto, your tables are now in HyperBase!

Step 3. Create your Queries

Your Queries will now have to be recreated in HyperBase. Thankfully, HyperBase is quite similar to Access in structure. Queries are represented in the “Views” section in HyperBase. Some examples of things you can do:

  • Create Joins from multiple tables
  • Create filters and conditions to query subsets of your data
  • Set permissions against each View etc.

Step 4. Create Forms

HyperBase goes beyond Access, and lets you design beautiful web forms to gather data. You may gather data from users of your application, or from the outside world through the form embedded in any web page. Forms are created in the Forms section, and are created through a simple drag and drop designer.

Or…..Let US migrate your Microsoft Access Database online

This was a very brief overview of migrating your Microsoft Access database online through HyperBase. As you work with HyperBase, you will discover deeper capabilities that let you emulate the functionality of your Access application.

For companies who find the whole process too cumbersome, our professional services team can step into your shoes and create your Access database application online from end to end. No trouble for you!

Do you have an Access migration project? Let’s talk to get you started!