The changing language of collaboration

In all spheres of human life, the language of discourse is constantly shifting. Those of us who thought we were at the cutting edge of culture in our prime, have to constantly watch their tongue lest a “rad”, “fuzz” or “crib” tumble out and make everyone wince.

As a marketer in online collaboration software, and especially someone who has to watch specific “keywords”, I have noticed words enter the world of teamwork with a bang, and slowly fade away. In the world of coining phrases, the faster they rise, the harder they fall.

A conversation in a business meeting in 2005 went something like this.

I just uploaded a file to our digital collaborative portal. Its in the Board Members workspace. Can you download it? Ahh, the wonders of SaaS!

Yes, just saw it. Let me teleconference our IT Manager and get his opinions

*Beep Beep Bip*

Fast forward to today

Hope the weather is holding up there in Brussels, Lucy. As part of our employee experience initiative, I had posted a proposal in the Company channel. It has 100 likes so far, and numerous employees are engaging in the conversation with comments. This suggests wide support.

*Lucy’s poodle barks*

I have compiled a list above which I think reflects this changing language. Do you have anything to add?