5 Database Form Examples


A Database Form is a window with information fields that help gather information to be stored in a database or trigger a process. All relational database systems worth their salt like Microsoft Access, HyperBase, Airtable etc include the ability to create and customize database forms.

A good database form creator will give you the following capabilities:

  • The ability to gather information via web and mobile browsers
  • The ability to customize the look and feel of the form
  • The ability to handle dynamic if-then behavior

For your inspiration, this articles gives you ten examples of database forms built for real applications. All these forms have been created with HyperBase, our relational database and web forms software.

1. Vacation Application Form

This form initiates the vacations approval process. Essential information for a vacation request – Employee Name, Approving Manager, Dates and Reason are passed on to the approving manager by this form.

2. On-boarding Form

Whenever a company brings on a new partner or customer, you need to capture essential information to lead them through the onboarding process. You also need to have this information available for reference and reporting. The following form is actually used by HyperOffice internally to onboard new partners.

3. Quiz Form

The following is an advanced and fun implementation of HyperBase forms. This “Collaboration Score” quiz poses a series of questions to a manager based on their organizational culture, and gives them a “collaboration score” based on their answers. You can take this quick yourself here – https://www.hyperoffice.com/collaboration-score/

4. Purchase Order Form

This form was created by the procurement department of an organization to streamline purchase requests. All the relevant information is gathered about a request through this form and forwarded to the approving manager for further processing.

5. Online Agreement Form

As we head towards an increasingly paperless world, online agreements and contracts are becoming the norm. The following form containing the details of the agreement can be sent online to the intended recipient for acceptance. The timestamp and user information are preserved against the agreement.

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