10 Situations in which Sharepoint is Clearly Better for you – by Sharepoint Rival

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Let’s make no bones about it. We are a Sharepoint competitor, and much of our time is spent hatching schemes to win Sharepoint customers. However, even we have our honest moments. We must shyly admit, Sharepoint is clearly the best choice in some situations. Before we go back to our scheming ways, here they are:

#1 – You want your employees to socialize with the IT department and build team harmony

Teams which play together, win together. With Sharepoint, your employees will have to work with the IT team every day, all day. The result – tightly knit teams.

#2 You have a Type A personality

You don’t buy any of that being zen at work business. Rightly so – it’s all excuses for slacking. With Sharepoint, you can look forward to a high-octane environment of challenge, (healthy) conflict, and constant problem solving. Let’s keep the coffee pot boiling.

#3 You are a Masochist

We all have our quirks. Feel alive with the self-inflicted pain of Sharepoint.

#4 You’re obsessed with all things Vintage

Only those with fine taste can appreciate the angular curves of a ‘67 Chevy, the musky smell of a mahogany bureau, the wistful nostalgia of the Sound of Music, and the sturdy squares and dark shadows of the Sharepoint interface. Why do in one click, what can be achieved in 5, we say.

#5 You created Sharepoint

Gotta stand up for one’s baby.

#6 Your spouse created Sharepoint

Fulfill your Vows

#7 You are a historian

Sharepoint is no less than an ancient manuscript which will reveal the ways of ancient peoples.

#8 You are a contrarian

Sharepoint helps you swim against the tide. Never submit to the talk of “beautiful software experiences”, “micro interactions”, “software aligned with business”, “putting end users in control” and become………one of them.

#9 You want your computer to crash because you want a new one

Can’t bring yourself to bring a sledgehammer down on your old and boring laptop? Get Sharepoint, and soon you will have a valid reason to get a new, shiny computer.

#10 It fills your work day

Image result for pretending to work

Successfully uploading a file and adjusting permissions will make you feel like you spent the day productively. Beats Solitaire any day. Zero chances of getting fired.

Parting words..

If any of the above applies to you, make a mad dash for Sharepoint right this moment. For everyone else, how about considering a Sharepoint alternative like…..erm……us?