42 rules for successful collaboration – Free eBook for HyperOffice site visitors


As we go about our duties at our workplace every day, we all feel a little exasperated some time or the other – because of responsibilities or hierarchies that were ill-defined, information that was lost or not passed in a timely manner, mis-communication, or tasks that seem to keep piling up. And we all have that inner thought – things could be done so much better!

And once we’ve worked in enough companies, we realize that these problems are not specific to one company or boss but are universal. We are experiencing the problem of collaboration. In a sense, collaboration is the entire discipline of management – making sure people work together smoothly to achieve company goals. And the problem is not solely one of technology. It is a sum total of everything that makes a company – people, processes, culture, organizational structure AND technology.

David Coleman, famous collaboration speaker, author and consultant, who has spent more than 20 years working with anything from the largest companies in the world to small start ups, has used his experience to write a book listing 42 things that companies can do to ensure better collaboration. It is an immensely good read, with very practicable tips and real cases, and borrows from the latest in organizational design and internet technology.

We have partnered with David to provide HyperOffice site visitors with a free copy of the eBook. Be sure to grab your copy.

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