The HyperOffice Promise

Cloud email security is a hot topic these days, especially after the much publicized Gmail glitches a few weeks ago.

We felt this was a good time to reiterate our commitments to our customers, and bring your attention to what we offer in terms of stability and security, and our track record.

The vendor-customer relation in software-as-a-service is fundamentally one of trust. The customer entrusts the vendor with sensitive corporate data and the efficient working of systems which impact their business performance. This is especially true of a solution like HyperOffice which is a pervasive part of your day to day operations. At HyperOffice, we hold this trust in highest regard. Our customers are at the centre of everything we do, which is how we have grown over many years, and will continue to grow. We have systems and procedures in place that are at par with the very best in industry, to ensure that you get the best products, services and stability.

HyperOffice offers a 99.9% uptime guarantee, which is the highest standard offered in the industry. We have a narrow allowance of .1%, meaning 8.76 hours per year, or around 43 minutes per month, to include all unforeseen contingencies AND scheduled downtime. In all previous years, we have maintained an impeccable record, and have been able to keep well within this slim window. This is one the best records in the industry, compared to even prominent solutions like Google’s Gmail, which has experienced well publicized outages over the past couple of years, including one just last week, where it took them as long as four days to restore affected accounts. In close to 10 years of operation, HyperOffice has NEVER experienced a data breach or lost customer data.

HyperOffice is  hosted at  the best data centers in the world, manned and monitored by engineers around the clock. We incorporate redundancy across every node in our network of servers and the latest fault tolerance technology to maximize system uptime. Security is implemented at multiple levels, and all problems attacked and resolved within minutes of them occurring. With such systems in place, you get continuity and stability that would be near impossible for most businesses to achieve  in house. A study from Radicati Group found that on-premises email averaged 3.8 hours of downtime per month, and the number was even greater for Microsoft Exchange.

At times, for all our preparedness, there may be problems caused by external factors beyond our control. For example,  there may be network problems on the internet preventing your request to connect to HyperOffice servers from reaching our servers. There are also times when because of network saturation or poor connection you may experience slower than usual speed with HyperOffice. Note that HyperOffice is a rich and robust application that requires adequate connection speeds, bandwidth and processing power on your system.  Regardless our engineers are working hard to constantly optimize the performance and stability of HyperOffice despite external or internal factors.

We would like to reemphasize that you – our customers are at the centre of everything we do. Our customer focus remains one of the key pillars of our company, and our “personal touch” is one of the reasons you choose us over larger players like Google and Microsoft.  We are totally committed to provide you with the highest quality services and products.

We are ever ready to go that extra mile, for your continued trust.