Handheld Support – Take the Whole Office with You – Any Handheld Will Do

Do Anything on Your Handheld You Could on Your PC

Is your team always traveling? Do they use their handheld devices more than most muscle groups? Now, their power to collaborate continuously from any location at any time takes a great leap forward.

Today, phone and PDA support for HTML is comparable to any browser on your PC. To serve you better, HyperOffice re-designed every screen to suit the display of modern handheld devices.

What You Can Do with Your Handheld

– Enjoy a pronounced spike in your team’s productivity when everyone can:

– Send and receive email

– Receive continuous email alerts (IMAP support)

– Use any HyperOffice Module to collaborate with your team – (Calendars, Email, Contacts, Projects, Tasks, Shared Documents, Voting, Forums, etc.)

– Manage projects

– Manage internal teams and intranets

– Manage mixed teams and extranets

– Design new portals tailored to your unique business needs