Escape the BlackBerry Enterprise Server Burden

Enterprises spend thousands of dollars on server based software like BlackBerry Enterprise Server (BES) & Microsoft Exchange to allow employees access & synchronization to corporate information over their BlackBerry devices.

HyperOffice brings BlackBerry collaboration within the reach of small to medium sized companies looking for an inexpensive way to access and manage corporate mail, contacts, calendars, tasks and business applications on their BlackBerry. There is no server to install, no software to download, no expert IT staff to hire. Sign up and get started!

The Possibilities of Collaboration on BlackBerry

BlackBerry Push Email 

 Instantly push your corporate mail on your BlackBerry email client.

Outlook on Blackberry 

 Access, share and sync Outlookmail, contacts, calendars, & tasks on your BlackBerry.

Over the Air Synching

Synch your official mail, contacts and calendars across your BlackBerry, online on any Mac or PC, and even Outlook.

Shared Calendars, Contacts, Tasks on BlackBerry

More than a personal information manager. You can even share contacts, calendars and tasks from your Blackberry.

BlackBerry Collaboration

Make your BlackBerry collaboration enabled. Access & collaborate on documents, shared workspaces, forums & more.

Document Collaboration

Access and colaborate on business documents right from your BlackBerry.

Intranet & Extranet Access

Easily create unlimited custom intranets and extranets and access them from your BlackBerry.


Industry-class 128-bit encryption, advanced spam filters and virus protection keep your information highly secure.

ou don’t need an expensive MS Exchange, SharePoint or BlackBerry Enterprise Server implementation to do the above things. Just sign up for HyperOffice and get going – set up business email, create individual and group calendars, store and collaborate on documents, create custom intranets and extranets, manage tasks, maintain contact directories, or integrate with Outlook.

chained to a single device for all this. HyperOffice keeps your information on the cloud and you can manage it over the air using any internet connected BlackBerry, PC or Mac in the world!

There is a lot more to HyperOffice Atlas

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