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Black Ant Sports Marketing is a Chicago-based marketing firm that started up in early 2007. The company provides sports marketing services for various sports affiliated companies and leagues, including the NFL and NBA. Although they are a growing small business, the firm requires efficient collaboration within the workspace.


Prior to HyperOffice, Black Ant Sports Marketing solely relied on email as their means of communication. They soon realized their hectic email system was not working for them. The time spent waiting for approvals and making sure the team members were working off the most updated version was just a waste of time. The company decided it was time to look into collaboration solutions.


As a growing business, Black Ant didn’t have a large budget, or much time to spend for set-up, so they had to keep their options realistic. Black Ant chose HyperOffice because it is not only affordable, but is ready to use within minutes. Now, Black Ant Sports Marketing can simply use shared documents instead of emails. A lot of time was saved because of HyperOffice; time that can be used towards their core business.

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