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By Ian Barker

In recent weeks we’ve seen social collaboration become the new black as far as business computing is concerned. Gartner has reported growing expectations from social technologies and new product releases from major players have focussed on this sector.

Washington DC-based HyperOffice was an early entrant into this field and its current offering is aimed at SMBs looking for a scalable solution that will grow with the business. As well as social collaboration HyperOffice includes online document and project management, shared calendars and contacts. It also lets you build an intranet, maintain wikis and forums and handle business email as well as offering traditional project planning tools like Gantt charts.

The software is cloud based and optimised for mobile browser interfaces, dedicated apps for popular mobile operating systems are coming soon. It’s compatible with ActivelSync and SyncML which allows it to exchange data with most smartphones on the market.

The product is customizable so that users can be directed to land at a particular part of the suite depending on their needs and can belong to multiple workspaces. Customizing is via a simple drag and drop interface.

The company sees HyperOffice as competing with Google Apps and Office 365 and say it’s more sophisticated than Google and simpler to use than Office 365.

Farzin Arsanjani, president of HyperOffice says, “…while the demand for social tools in businesses is intense, serious market gaps remain. Enterprise social tools like Yammer are thin on collaboration capabilities, while collaboration software like Google Apps and Office 365 don’t see social tools as essential to their suites”.

For more information, video demos and free webinars visit theĀ HyperOffice website.

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