ASP Intranet: A Low-cost, No-maintenance Alternative

With an ASP intranet there’s no software to install, no servers to maintain…ever! An ASP intranet, or application service provider intranet, allows your company to setup your intranet at a fraction of the time and cost of traditional intranet software. Additionally, an ASP intranet, or “hosted intranet,” comes standard with free technical support and hassle-free Web-accessibility so you can focus on your core business.


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ASP Intranet Solutions Enhance Productivity and Keep IT Costs Low.

An ASP intranet provides a cost-effective solution without the anxieties and costs inherent with supporting complex intranet software. Plus, ASP intranets are a perfect solution for rapidly expanding projects or geographically dispersed teams.

Why Choose the HyperOffice ASP Intranet?

HyperOffice offers a low-cost, hassle-free, scalable, and secure ASP intranet. Give your employees, customers, and partners a user-friendly system to share information anytime and anywhere.

Business-class Intranet Features

Access business email service, view group calendars, share documents, and time-sensitive projects with just an Internet connection.

No Hardware/Software

With an ASP intranet solution there’s no software to install, no servers to maintain…ever!

Pay-as-you-go Pricing

Access enterprise collaboration solutions for a low monthly fee. Simply add new members as your business grows.

Quick Setup and Deployment

Our intranet solution requires no IT support. It works across any platform – PC or Mac. Plus, we offer free support & upgrades for life!

Remote Access

Extend your intranet via the Web to access your information anytime, anywhere. A company intranet, customer portal, and extranet in one!

Completely Secure

We guarantee 99.9% reliability through our secure, offsite data center facilities equipped with redundant servers.

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