Protect Your Business with Anti-Spam Email

Spam is unsolicited bulk email that takes time to sift through, manage, and prevent. Keeping email accounts running smoothly and spam-free can take a lot of time and effort. Remove spam from your user’s in-boxes with a reliable and secure business-class email service.

HyperOffice Anti-Spam Email Features

HyperOffice employs powerful, industry-leading anti-spam filters that keep your email inbox clean. Each email is analyzed for semantic identifiers of words and phrases based on the message, its attachment, subject and header.

Spam Email Folder

 HyperOffice keeps your email protected and routes all spam to a special spam folder to ensure you never lose a message that you didn’t consider spam.

Smart Spam Filtering

 Our anti-spam filters get stronger and smarter over time. It tracks your white list and black list criteria through a special algorithm and proactively scans future incoming emails.

Black-listing Spam

If a spam email does get through our filters, which rarely happens, you can blacklist those emails. From then on, HyperOffice is smart enough to drop all emails from that sender to your spam folder.

White-listing Email

If our filters misinterpret an email as spam, you can mark it as ‘not spam’ and it will automatically move to your inbox and be white-listed to avoid future error.

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