Business Collaboration Apps for Android

Tablet computers are fast becoming the norm. Now, HyperOffice lets you put your Android tablets to business use. HyperOffice lets workers access, share and sync important business information on any Android tablet or mobile device.

Android File Sharing

Access and share business documents right on your Android tablet. Get advanced features like notifications, comments and version control.

Android Project Management

Use your Android to manage team projects – create projects and tasks, assign responsibilities, set times and track team progress.

Android Corporate Email

Access and manage your corporate email right on your Android tablet. You can even sync your corporate email account with your native Android email app.

Share and Sync Android Contacts and Calendars

Share address books and calendars from your Android tablet. You may also sync with your native Android contacts and calendar apps.You may even access and manage Outlook calendars and contacts right on your Android.

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