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AM Professionals is a professional service company focusing on SAP technologies. AM Professionals’ team is dispersed, usually at client sites solving business problems and adding to their broad industry experience and depth of knowledge.


Employees were spending too much time trying to find and send information needed to perform their jobs more efficiently. Project management, technical documents, and calendars all needed to be shared. AM Professionals are experts in software, however building groupware was not one of it’s core competencies. AM Professionals could not afford to use limited resources to build an intranet when the resources were better leveraged generating revenue for the company.



HyperOffice allows us to offer intranet services to our employees without having to manage it ourselves. Using the professional resources of HyperOffice, we have an intranet that is much more capable than we could have put together with our own limited resources. In a matter of minutes, we were able to setup our intranet and begin using the various tools to facilitate internal communications for company and project information, all in one place. Overall, our intranet has provided a central place for employees to collaborate on company initiatives and various projects. Using the generous amount of document storage allowed, we can now keep our important project documents safe and accessible for all to use, assign tasks to individuals, share calendars, etc. for a very reasonable monthly fee.
Darrell Schneider

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