WorkMap AI

AI meets No-Code

Artificial intelligence powered no-code database management applications.

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Large Language Models like GPT, Bard etc. open completely new vistas for humans to interact with systems using everyday language. Our vision is to take the promise of “no-code” to a whole new level by allowing process owners to create and interact with workflow applications using simple language.

AI Co-Pilot

Merely Describe your app, our AI will build it

All you need to do is describe the application you want, and our “Co-pilot” creates the application including tables, fields, database relations within a few seconds.

AI Co-Pilot

The next stage of no-code.

You can now literally build apps at the speed of thought. No-code was a major leap over traditional database applications like MS Access and Lotus Approach, but it still assumed some elementary knowledge of data structures. Now, all a process owner needs is to provide an accurate description of what they want, and it is built for them.