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Actualize Consulting is a consulting firm started up in 2003 in Arlington, Virginia. Actualize serves financial institutions with business analysis, financial events, software evaluations and system implementations.


When working with employees and sub-contractors all around the US, trying to get them to collaborate and communicate can become quite an ordeal. The system of emailing documents back and forth was too much time and energy wasted. It was hard enough sorting through email looking for various documents, but trying to find the current version just made whole communication issue a priority.


Actualize began looking into different options. It all came down to finding an external solution or having an internal server. The problem with an internal server was they would have to have IT personnel maintaining the servers and make sure everything is running smoothly, which was the deciding factor for Actualize to choose with HyperOffice. Now the company is able to use HyperOffice for “knowledge sharing across the firm” according to Director of Operations, Kerry Elam. Actualize Consulting has noticed great improvement in organization and time management within the firm.

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