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ISO 9001 Automation

Citizen Complaint Management

ISO 14001 Automation

Food Safety Inspection

Contact Management

Public Licensing and Permissioning

Teams use WorkMap for…

Data Management

Centralize disparate data inputs into a single, centralized, online source of information. Slide, dice and visually represent your data any way you like.

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Workflow Automation

Reduce transactional communication and busy work by automating workflow steps, notifications, assignments, calculations – basically anything!

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All you need to improve your processes

Real-time data management for today

WorkMap is built for the real time web, and incorporates new information management approaches that traditional systems like MS Access and spreadsheets lack.

  • Pick from more than two dozen information types

  • Anywhere Access

  • Team Based

  • Real Time

Beautiful Web Forms to collect and manage data

Create beautiful web forms to collect or manage data from the world

  • Multiple forms per table

  • Drag and drop customization

  • Add your brand Custom events on form submission

  • Sub forms and Multi Step Forms

Self driving processes

Automations are a fun yet powerful way to manage everything about your process – how information behaves, who is responsible, who is notified, when things happen etc.

  • Automate email and sms notifications

  • Automate assignment of responsibilities

  • Automate information entry

  • Automate approvals

Gain insights with Reports & Queries

Query your information across tables and present it in a tailored format

  • Simple reports designer

  • Graphic charts

  • Public reports

  • Reports dashboard

Loved by users and experts alike

Offers an affordable IT service

One-stop collaboration

A SharePoint antidote

Allows for immediate collaboration

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Get with the times! Replace legacy databases.

WorkMap is a perfect solution for companies stuck with legacy solutions and looking to transition to a more modern internet-era database software.

  • Built for the web

  • For teams not individuals

  • Migration services and tools

  • Mobile friendly

Microsoft Access

Rated the No.1 Alternative to Microsoft Access since 2008

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Lotus Approach

Upgrade to a modern online database solution with a future!

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Multi-modal communication with teams, customers and partners

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Full featured intranets and extranets with landing pages, file sharing, projects, calendars and more.

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