WebOS - The History

Although the phrase WebOS evokes different associations today, the idea was born more than a decade ago. WebOS was the brainchild of HyperOffice Inc., a startup founded in 1998 by a group of forward thinking college graduates who believed in the power of the internet as an application deployment platform. In 1998 HyperOffice launched mywebos.com, which was susequently changed to webos.com a year later.

The attempt of WebOS was to free users from a myriad desktop clients, and allow them to access their applications and information over the internet from any computer using a web browser. Accordingly, the WebOS API was published, which would allow third party developers to develop and deploy applications on webos.com. The WebOS API was an early predecessor to the now ubiquitous AJAX, and WebOS one of the earliest incarnations of the "cloud" and subscription licensing model for software deployment. However, some might say, the idea was ahead of its time, and HyperOffice ceased development on webos.com with the dot com burst of 2000.  


HyperOffice Today

Since then, HyperOffice has been focused on shaping the market for cloud based business applications, specifically cloud based communication, collaboration and mobility solutions. Our aim has been to bring expensive server based enterprise technology within the reach of small to medium businesses through the subscription model. Today, this model is seen as the future of business information technology, and HyperOffice is recognised as a leader in cloud based collaboration and mobility, one of the fastest growing sub-segments of the cloud. 

Our collaboration and mobility solutions allow distributed teams to keep connected with important business information and processes from any internet connected PC, Mac and almost every mobile device in the world including iPhone, iPad, BlackBerry, Android, Windows Mobile, Nokia and more.

Will we re-initiate development on webos.com? Well, never say never..

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Founded in 1998, HyperOffice is a market leader in cloud collaboration and communication software for small and medium sized businesses. We provide the most comprehensive suite of solutions developed over more than 12 years of understanding your growing business needs. HyperOffice's capabilities include customer portal & intranet software, online document management, online project management, shared calendars, contact management software, business email, Outlook sharing and synchronization, push email and mobile collaboration, online database software and web forms and much more - offered as an integrated, easy to use solution accessible over any web connected PC, Mac, or mobile device. HyperOffice is also a viable Microsoft Sharepoint alternative and Microsoft Exchange alternative for growing companies looking for the power of enterprise class messaging and collaboration - but without the associated costs and hassles.
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