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Unified Email and Collaboration

Collaboration tools fully integrated with email

Integrated Messaging and Collaboration for your Users

As companies and individuals work in larger and distributed networks of people, productivity needs are being moved out of email to collaboration tools - file sharing, intranets, project management and so on. Online collaboration has been identified by numerous studies and one of the leading areas of growth as users move software needs to the internet.

Service providers who offer email accounts to their customers as a value added service, will find themselves in a position to serve this new demand for collaboration tools because of the close relation between email and collaboration software.   

HyperOffice gives service providers an opportunity to cash in on this demand. We also offer the HyperOffice Collaboration Suite, one of the leaders in the online collaboration market. The HyperOffice Collaboration Suite is fully integrable with our hosted email solution, with deep data and architectural level integration.

Our collaboration tools are a natural and seamless extension of our hosted email solution, which will allow our service provider partners to attract customers from third party collaboration solutions and generate greater ARPU.

A quick sample of HyperOffice collaboration features is as follows:

Why purchase productivity tools piecemeal? Step up to total collaboration.

File Sharing and Document Management

Upload and organize files of any type online. Access and share them from any web connected computer in the world. Work together on files with document collaboration features. Features include:-

  • Store and organize files online in a familiar folder structure
  • Allow permissions based access to folders to groups and teams
  • Drag and drop multiple files and folders online directly from your desktop
  • Collaborate on documents with versions, notifications and comments
  • Full document text search capability


online folders

intranet software solution

Intranet and Extranet Workspaces

Intranet and extranet workspaces are a password protected collection of web pages and tools. They are great way to organize information and productivity tools by internal and external groups. HyperOffice allows users without any intranet expertise to create completely customized intranet and extranet workspaces within minutes. Features include:

  • Drag and drop publisher to create and customize intranet workspaces
  • Add collaboration tools of choice to each workspace - calendars, contacts, tasks, file libraries, announcements, news feeds and more
  • Manage access to workspace, and level of access to information within the workspace


Database Workflows and Web Forms

HyperOffice includes a simple online database software which allows users with database expertise to create simple database applications to automate everyday business processes. Here are some things users can do:

  • Create and share databases online
  • Analyse data with simple sorting, filtering and analysis tools
  • Easily create light weight workflow applications for lead tracking, order processing etc.
  • Simplify data collection with easy to create web forms



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Founded in 1998, HyperOffice is a market leader in cloud collaboration and communication software for small and medium sized businesses. We provide the most comprehensive suite of solutions developed over more than 12 years of understanding your growing business needs. HyperOffice's capabilities include customer portal & intranet software, online document management, online project management, shared calendars, contact management software, business email, Outlook sharing and synchronization, push email and mobile collaboration, online database software and web forms and much more - offered as an integrated, easy to use solution accessible over any web connected PC, Mac, or mobile device. HyperOffice is also a viable Microsoft Sharepoint alternative and Microsoft Exchange alternative for growing companies looking for the power of enterprise class messaging and collaboration - but without the associated costs and hassles.
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