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Spam and Virus Protection

Self hosting email infrastructure involves the perpetual burden of updating spam filters and virus libraries to secure email systems from external threats. Since it is not a core competence for most service providers, there always exists a risk of breach. HyperOffice leverages its more than ten years of expertise securing email systems to bring our partners the highest level of security, with zero effort required from them.

Anti Spam

HyperOffice employs powerful, industry-leading anti-spam filters that keep every user's email inbox clean. Each email is analyzed for semantic identifiers of words and phrases based on the message, its attachment, subject and header. 

  • All spam is routed to a special spam folder to ensure you never lose a message that you didn't consider spam.
  • Our smart anti-spam filters track users' white and black list criteria and keep improving
  • Users may "blacklist" emails that slip into their inbox so that emails from that sender are always marked as spam
  • Users may "white list" emails our filters misinterpret as spam
  • Users may set a "spam threshold" to manage the stringency of spam filtering

Anti Virus

HyperOffice has employed powerful, industry-leading anti-virus technology to keep users' email inboxes clean and virus-free.

  • HyperOffice isolates any virus-infected email in a special quarantine folder.
  • We use smart technology to detect emergent worms and other new threats without waiting for updates. We update our virus libraries daily. 
  • HyperOffice checks incoming and outgoing email attachments for viruses and automatically removes viruses, Trojan horses, and worms as well as most "phishing" attacks, HTML spoofs, and other scams, blocking or quarantining them before they infect your system. 

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