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The HyperMobile Platform

Push Email and Sync Platform for Service Providers

Ubiquitous Mobile Push Email Platform for Service Providers

HyperMobile is a ubiquitous push email and synchronization platform that seamlessly communicates with a broad range of external systems using widely accepted industry standard protocols and has a pluggable modular architecture to allow for integration with any systems as required.

Since it was designed from the ground-up as a carrier grade push platform, HyperMobile can scale to any requirement and has touch-points for all types of billing and provisioning requirements.

The HyperMobile Platform is made up of the following components:



push email platform

HyperMobile Web Interface (HWI)

The HyperMobile web administration interface makes provisioning and configuration of the user synchronization profile a breeze. The user can simply:

  • Login to the web interface
  • Choose which elements they want to synchronize
  • Choose their Push settings

That’s all. From that point on the system will continue to push email, calendars, tasks and notes and sync with users' mobile phones.

The web administration interface provides:

  • A simple and intuitive provisioning process
  • Quick access to the sync profile from the mobile device or any web browser
  • Quick-and-easy setup for 3rd party email services like Gmail or other IMAP/POP compliant services
  • A fully brandable interface for the vendor

HyperMobile Push Server (HPS)

The HyperMobile Push Server(HPS) handles all of the logic for implementing “push” notifications for email, calendar events, tasks, and notes.

Unlike other services that only push email to the phone, HyperMobile users also have the option to configure their “push settings” to notify them about other users they are connected with. This is triggered when:

  • When an email arrives
  • When one of their colleagues assigns a task to them
  • When somebody invites them to a meeting
  • or when a colleague shares a contact with them
HyperMobile has transformed the concepts surrounding “push notification” into a much more powerful push technology that includes email but can also expand to include other data types as well.


The HPS is responsible for:

  • Monitoring remote data sources like external IMAP/POP servers or custom configured databases
  • “Pushing” notifications to the mobile device and initiating a data transfer
  • Brokering the protocol establishment before passing it off to the HyperMobile Sync Server (HS)


HyperMobile Synch Server (HSS)

The HyperMobile Sync Server(HSS) handles the actual communication with the mobile devices and facilitates the transfer of data between the device and the server. Its features include
  • Bi-directional synchronization/backup-restore of contacts, calendar, tasks and notes using multiple protocols such as SyncML 1.1/1.2 (native), ActiveSync (native), and many more with plug-ins
  • Push email via TCP/IP, CTP or SMS to a variety of smartphones, including Windows Mobile and JavaME devices
  • Performing translations required to manage inconsistencies between device-specific protocol implementations
  • Implementation of conflict resolution rules between the client and server
  • Event triggers for plugin modules that have implemented listed

HyperMobile Device Provisioning Server (HDPS)

The HyperMobile Device Provisioning Server (HDPS) handles:
  • The detection of the device type
  • The sending of any required clients, automated provisioning instructions, or SMS instructions to the device
  • The automatic creation of the device profile (when required)
  • The initial registration of the device within the HyperMobile Push Server
  • The registration of the user with any third-party plugins required for the operation of the Sync Service
The  HDPS can automate any type of actions required for the provisioning of a device within a carrier's network. It can be integrated with web service calls that trigger additional workflows and can be tied into a larger process that includes checks to a billing system or other account management systems.

By defining a specific touch-point for provisioning, HyperMobile allows for a simpler deployment within a carrier-grade infrastructure and does not require a complex retro-fit like other mobile synchronization gateways that were originally designed for a single-server implementation.


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