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HyperOffice makes business collaboration, continuity tools available free to companies displaced by California wildfires

Award-winning, web-based technology operates anytime, from anywhere

ROCKVILLE, MD., 30 Oct. 2007 - HyperOffice today offered its award-winning, web-based business collaboration and business continuity technology free for 90 days to companies displaced by the wildfires in Southern California.

"The goal is to help companies get back up and running quickly, respond to customer inquiries, collaborate and communicate with employees, customers and other stake holders without interruption, without having to buy new servers, replace software, or rebuild business infrastructure destroyed in the disaster," said Farzin Arsanjani, president of HyperOffice.

"This is what we did for companies during the Katrina disaster. It's the right thing to do now," said Arsanjani.

"Using HyperOffice with any PC, Mac or handheld device connected to the Internet, from anywhere, anytime, people can work together online, and businesses can continue operating in face of difficult circumstances," said Arsanjani.

"Teams use email, share calendars and contacts, run projects, and manage documents. Businesses get closer to their customers, partners, and employees as they create custom portals on their own with ease. HyperOffice can be set up in minutes and without any IT overhead," said Arsanjani.

The suite delivers to growing organizations today the power and productivity of collaboration software that only the largest company with a mammoth IT budget could otherwise afford -- business-class email without spam and viruses; document management with online storage, versioning, user rights and workflow; online contact management, scheduling, task management, discussion groups, security, backup, portal customization, customer portals, extranets and intranets, time and expense tracking, and more.

HyperOffice also co-exists and synchronizes with Microsoft Outlook and Microsoft Exchange, allowing users to collaborate with suppliers and contractors by meshing contacts, calendars, notes and tasks; home, office and laptop computers; mobile and wireless users.

"HyperOffice operates as webware, sometimes called Software as a Service (SaaS)," said Arsanjani. 'You don't install it. You don't update and upgrade it. You don't fix it. You don't need an IT department. In fact, the Internet becomes your IT department. It's software without the pain of software. All for about $7 per user per month - a charge that we are waiving for qualifying companies in Southern California."

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HyperOffice Inc., (, is a leading provider of Collaboration Software and tools for growing organizations. The company offers a simple and affordable suite of Intranet and Extranet software that provide new and growing businesses essential tools to collaborate, communicate, and manage information from any browser running on any platform. First launched in 1998, Online Business Collaboration Solutions provider HyperOffice is used around the world by a growing number of innovative businesses.

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Founded in 1998, HyperOffice is a market leader in cloud collaboration and communication software for small and medium sized businesses. We provide the most comprehensive suite of solutions developed over more than 12 years of understanding your growing business needs. HyperOffice's capabilities include customer portal & intranet software, online document management, online project management, shared calendars, contact management software, business email, Outlook sharing and synchronization, push email and mobile collaboration, online database software and web forms and much more - offered as an integrated, easy to use solution accessible over any web connected PC, Mac, or mobile device. HyperOffice is also a viable Microsoft Sharepoint alternative and Microsoft Exchange alternative for growing companies looking for the power of enterprise class messaging and collaboration - but without the associated costs and hassles.
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