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Business email service compatible with any email account which supports POP3.


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POP3 Mail Clarified

Post Office Protocol version 3 (POP3) is an email protocol used to retrieve email from a remote mail server and deliver it to your local mail client. POP3 Mail works best when you only have a single computer, since it is designed to support "offline" email access but can be configured to support multiple machines by selecting an advanced feature that "leaves a copy of messages on the server".


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MS Exchange Substitute

HyperOffice offers POP3 Mail support. 

  • With POP3, messages are typically downloaded and then deleted from the mail server unless the "leave a copy" setting is enabled.
  • POP3 allows you to retrieve and send email when connected.
  • POP3 Mail enables you to work offline with your favorite mail client to receive and send email when connected.
  • POP3 Mail service can consolidate external POP3 accounts like Yahoo! Mail into one Inbox.
  • POP3 works with Microsoft Outlook, Outlook Express, Entourage, and Eudora.
  • Most Internet service provider email accounts are accessed via POP3.

HyperOffice POP3 Mail Service

Use HyperOffice as a centralized location to view and manage emails from any 3rd-party account that supports the POP3 protocol. With HyperOffice, there is no software to install and no servers to maintain...ever!

  • Keep Your Existing Email Addresses. Project a professional image with branded email addresses (username@yourcompanyname.com). Plus, setup unlimited email aliases (sales@yourcompanyname.com).
  • Web-based Mail. Use HyperOffice as your primary, stand-alone web-based email client to access all email anywhere! Or, if you wish continue to use your preferred mail client.
  • Secure Email Hosting. Business email gives you access to affordable and secure email hosting solutions. Save time and money with a hosted solution.

MS Exchange Server 2010 Alternative

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