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Opinion Polls and Announcements

Quickly create polls and surveys of any kind.


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Improve Communication with Online Opinion Polls and News Announcements

Businesses today are pressed to make more decisions at a faster pace than ever before. How can you effectively communicate with your team, keep them informed, and solicit their ideas and opinions in a timely, accurate way?

Online Surveys: Tap Into Employees, Partners or Clients' Opinions

The HyperOffice hosted intranet solution makes it easy with two great solutions. Online polling and surveying technology enables companies to give every employee a vote. And the online news and announcements tool give you the tools to keep your team informed about critical events by publishing news and events right on their HyperOffice desktop.

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  • Create a poll in just a few clicks. You simply enter the polling question and the two or more possible answers. Once a poll is created, an automatic email goes out to the group asking them to respond.
  • Manage the poll details. HyperOffice automatically limits voting to a single-vote per user to avoid "ballot stuffing." You can also manage the voting attendees by setting a time limit for responses.
  • View the displayed results. Results are displayed in real time using a graphic bar-chart, and archived for future reference.

Companywide or Group Announcements

Now you don't have to rely on company email or word of mouth to speed important news or deadlines across the company. Instead, you can post news, events, deadlines, and a message of the day, all of which then appear right on the HyperOffice desktop view of your team members.


Stay Top of Mind with Company News and Announcements

And thanks to the HyperOffice group management features, you can target your messages to one or more groups. That means you can make sure the right message reaches the right people at the right time.


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