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Online Hard Drive

Your cloud based hard drive lets you securely store any type of document online and access from any web connected PC or Mac in the world. 


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What is an Online Hard Drive?

An online hard drive is a remote file server that functions just like your personal hard drive. The benefit of an online hard drive is that your data is stored virtually rather than locally, conserving hard drive memory space. The virtual online hard drive and web interface enable you to store, access, organize, and share your files through one central location with just an Internet connection.There's no software to install, no servers to maintain...ever!

Document Management


Online Hard Drive: Secure Document Storage and Convenient File Sharing

Using an online hard drive is the safest way to secure vital business data. Your online hard drive will allow you to focus on your core business while eliminating data-loss anxieties and reducing upfront IT costs. 

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  • All-in-One Online Data Sharing, Storage & Backup Solution. An online hard drive allows you to securely store and share documents online within your company, with remote workforces and business partners. Plus, all data you store is automatically backed-up!
  • Ample Storage, Reliable Backup, Lower IT Costs. Backup your data in real-time without expensive hardware or exhausting backup procedures. Each online hard drive comes standard with 250MB/user or more to share. 10 users will share 2.5 GB of storage space! Get additional, unlimited data storage for just $7/month per 1 GB.

Online Hard Drive Security & Reliability

  • Automated Online Hard Drive Backup and Real-time Data Recovery. An online hard drive protects your data from crashes, viruses, and other threats. Just upload data and it's instantly backed-up!
  • State-of-the-Art Backup Facilities. We guarantee 99.9% uptime. Your data is housed in our disaster-proof, off-site data center facilities and protected by biometric locks, redundant servers, and continuous, uninterruptible power. Together with our partner, NTT/VERIO, we are committed to ensuring the safety and security of your data.

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