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Mobile Backup and Security

Safeguard mobile email, contacts, calendars and other data

Mobile Backup and Restore

Mobile devices contain critical personal and business information accumulated over time, the loss of which can prove to be disastrous. Service providers can easily generate additional revenue by safeguarding subscribers' data with simple mobile backup and restoration services.

HyperMobile automatically synchronizes users' mobile email, calendars, contacts, tasks and notes with the cloud. Mobile data is always backed up and safeguarded on the cloud no matter if a mobile device breaks down, or is lost or stolen. HyperMobile's intuitive web interface enables easy access to this data and single click restoration. HyperMobile's Mobile Backup and Restore combines the industry standards SyncML (OMA DS) for wireless backup and restore of PIM data with OMA CP for easy hassle-free setup of the service.

Mobile Security

HyperMobile implements security at multiple layers of the architecture. Some of the security elements used include: 

  • Transport layer security (SSL and TLS) for data encryption
  • OMA DS authentication standards (Basic and MD5 schemes) for encrypted authentication
  • OMA DS Client Authentication (Client gives credentials to the server – server authenticates the client)
  • Server Authentication (Server gives credentials to the client – client authenticates the server)
  • IMAP Authentication standards
  • WS-Security.


Additionally, security is implemented at the data access layer as well to ensure that only the proper “principal” (a principal is a user + device combination) can access the resources to which it has been granted authority. This provides a granular level of security that can be controlled down to the level of a specific item if that is required. This is a sharp contrast to most other systems which implement a simple layer of basic authentication and SSL and do not establish low-level rules to govern the actual record-level data.

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