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Instant, Hassle-free Microsoft Outlook Sharing

Using the full range of Outlook's features, especially collaboration features - shared calendars, contacts, tasks - has traditionally required an MS Exchange setup.  MS Exchange is a complex and expensive software, requiring dedicated hardware and software experts, hence taking it out of the reach of most growing companies. HyperShare for Outlook is a quick and simple alternative to Exchange for small to medium sized businesses.  Just sign up online, download our small HyperShare plug-in, and you can convert your Outlook into a full powered collaboration tool within minutes!

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Benefits - Sync Outlook Calendar, Mail, Contacts, Tasks  

Sharing and synching Outlook information with HyperShare is incredibly easy. It has been designed especially for SMBs looking for robust functionality, without being weighted down by the complexities and costs of enterprise software. Here's what HyperShare brings you:

Alternative to Exchange 2010
  • Instant Setup. Unlike MS Exchange, you don't have to set up expensive hardware or software. Just sign up online and get started!
  • Universal Access. Access and share your Outlook account data on any web conntected PC or Mac.
  • Mobile Synchronization. Get the full power of Outlook right from Phone, BlackBerry, Android, Nokia and numerous other mobile devices.
  • Automatic Synchronization. Switch back and forth - Outlook, web access or mobile - and your account is automatically synched.
  • MS Exchange Alternative. HyperOffice gives you almost the entire range of benefits of MS Exchange at a fraction of the costs and hassles.
  • Integrated Collaboration Tools. Get fully integrated collaboration features - intranets, extranets, shared document forums and more - for no extra cost!
synhronize outlook calendars, contacts, tasks
synch outlook tasks, calendars
  • Live Training & Support. More than a robust product, we are completely engaged with you at every step to make your investment a success. 
  • Follow this link for detailed Outlook synchronization features.

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Founded in 1998, HyperOffice is a market leader in cloud collaboration and communication software for small and medium sized businesses. We provide the most comprehensive suite of solutions developed over more than 12 years of understanding your growing business needs. HyperOffice's capabilities include customer portal & intranet software, online document management, online project management, shared calendars, contact management software, business email, Outlook sharing and synchronization, push email and mobile collaboration, online database software and web forms and much more - offered as an integrated, easy to use solution accessible over any web connected PC, Mac, or mobile device. HyperOffice is also a viable Microsoft Sharepoint alternative and Microsoft Exchange alternative for growing companies looking for the power of enterprise class messaging and collaboration - but without the associated costs and hassles.
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