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Extranet Portals

Impress and engage customers with dedicated extranet sites. Our drag and drop publisher allows you to finely tailor content, design and collaboration tools for each site within minutes.


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Extranet Portals - What and Why?

There is an ever increasing need to easily and securely collaborate and share information with external parties across the value chain, and distributed employees outside the company premises. An extranet portals is a centralized online location you can organize and share information with remote teams, partners, vendors or customers, as well as collaborate on information and integrate processes. 


Publish Unlimited Extranet Portals - No Expertise Needed!

HyperOffice lets you easily create unlimited tailor made extranet portals where you can securely share and collaborate on information with distributed teams, vendors, partners and customers with simply a net connection on any PC, Mac or mobile. Impress and make for ever stronger relationships with document collaboration, shared calendars, shared address books, joint task management and more! Just sign up online and get started within minutes! No hardware, no SharePoint burden, no hassles!


Extranet Software


Benefits and Features of Extranet Portals

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  • Extranet Workspaces. Manage information & processes jointly with dedicated branded online extranet workspaces for each partner, client & vendor with tools like group desktop, shared document management, group calendars, task management, group address books, & forums etc. 
  • My Workspace. Allow distributed employees, vendors and clients to organize information and enhance productivity with a dedicated personal online workspaces with personal tools like email; document library, calendar, contact lists, to-do lists etc.
  • Extranet Portal Customization. Fine tune each extranet portal by tailoring logo, look, layout, site organization, and toolset.

  • Access Permissions & Profiling. Manage access to information, level of access and visibility of information for different partners.
  • Security - Keep your and your partner's information highly secure with industry class 128 bit encryption standard, best of breed facilities and protocols and regular data backups.
  • Integrated Collaboration Tools. Choose from robust collaboration tools to add to each extranet - document management, project scheduling, calendars, address books, forums, polls and much more. 
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SharePoint Portal   SharePoint Customer Portal

Founded in 1998, HyperOffice is a market leader in cloud collaboration and communication software for small and medium sized businesses. We provide the most comprehensive suite of solutions developed over more than 12 years of understanding your growing business needs. HyperOffice's capabilities include customer portal & intranet software, online document management, online project management, shared calendars, contact management software, business email, Outlook sharing and synchronization, push email and mobile collaboration, online database software and web forms and much more - offered as an integrated, easy to use solution accessible over any web connected PC, Mac, or mobile device. HyperOffice is also a viable Microsoft Sharepoint alternative and Microsoft Exchange alternative for growing companies looking for the power of enterprise class messaging and collaboration - but without the associated costs and hassles.
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