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Document Management

Store, share and collaborate on any file type online.  Get advanced collaboration features like version control, permissions, desktop web folders, notifications and more.


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The New HyperOffice Online Document Management System: Anytime Anywhere Access Plus Smart Collaboration Features

The ability to quickly share, access, and update electronic documents and other types of electronic files is mission-critical in today's fast-paced business environment. Some businesses purchase and maintain costly file-sharing servers. Others transmit files as email attachments, but this can be cumbersome as changes are repeatedly emailed back and forth.

Now, with HyperOffice's powerful new Document Management System, there's a much better way to do business. Tap into anytime-anywhere collaboration across your team. And enjoy smart, business-savvy collaboration tools, including secure online storage, document overwrite-protection, document version control, online commenting, document rollback, and more.

Document Management

The New HyperOffice Document Manager

  • Enable a digital workflow. Free your office from paper. Now you can easily create and review comments for each online document, create an audit trail on document histories, and roll back to previous documents.
  • Enjoy online overwrite protection. If one person already has a document-in-progress open, HyperOffice alerts the next user and prevents accidental overwriting between concurrent users.
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  • Web folders. Save documents to the special "HyperDrive" folder, accessible from your desktop, and your files are automatically saved in your online HyperOffice folders, and vice-versa. It's the best of desktop and "Webtop" technologies combined.
  • Online Document Collaboration. Collaborate on files with colleagues, partners or customers with document collaboration features like document version control, audit trails, locking, document commenting and more. 
  • Permissions. Easily control access to documents, folders or subfolders with our permission-based document management system.
  • Document Version Control. Manage your document collaboration process with document version control, overwrite protection, commenting, and document locking.
  • Web Folders. Use convenient Web folders to access documents virtually. A quick and secure way to backup data in real-time.
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  • Access your information anytime, anywhere. You and any team members you authorize can access your files instantly and securely from any computer with a Web connection. Now you and your workforce are literally on the same page.
  • Escape from IT overload. Because HyperOffice is completely Web-based, there's no software to download, install, or maintain. Just a few clicks and you'll be up and running.
  • Secure storage and safe collaboration. The permission-based system allows you to authorize which individuals or groups should have access to read or write-access to specific documents and folders. And if a team member accidentally deletes a document, you can easily recover it with just one click.

Document Management Solution

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