Contacts Migration

Are you in the cloud yet? Get end to end services for securely migrating your email, documents, contacts and calendars to the cloud. 


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Migrate contacts to the cloud

Traditional contact management software like ACT! are primarily designed to work within the company network.  However, modern workers are increasingly outside the office premises and want instant access to company contact databases on their laptops, tablets or mobile devices. Managing and sharing company contacts using Excel sheets is even more inefficient.  In an age where having access to the right contact at the right time can be a deal clincher, migrating company address books online has the following benefits:

  • Instant access to company contacts with just a web connection on any PC or Mac
  • Share contacts with people inside and outside your company – teams, partners, clients, vendors
  • Access and sync contacts with mobile address books
  • Access and sync contacts with popular clients like MS Outlook, Entourage and Mac contacts
  • Your contacts are always backed up and secure even in case of internal system faliure

Contacts Migration with HyperOffice

HyperOffice helps companies migrate huge contact databases trapped in siloed systems like Excel and ACT! to our online contact management system. HyperOffice’s self service capabilities allow users to import contacts from Excel, csv or Outlook into HyperOffice themselves, but the assisted option is ideal for companies with large volumes of data. Our experts have extensive experience in securely migrating vast amounts of data, even as end users continue to have uninterrupted access to their systems. 



HyperOffice Online Contact Management System

HyperOffice online contact management system is ideal for SMBs looking to store, organize, share and access company contacts and address books no matter where they are. Highlights include:

  • Create unlimited shared contact lists
  • Customize contact records
  • Manage access to contacts with permissions
  • Access contacts on any PC or Mac browser
  • Sync contacts with MS Outlook and access Outlook contacts online
  • Sync contacts with address books of almost every major mobile device – iPhone, BlackBerry, many Androids, and more
  • Sync contacts with Mac address book
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