company portal customization

Company Portal Customization

Create a highly customized internal company portal with our simple web based drag and drop Site Publisher. Finely tune content, templates, and design without any HTML expertise.


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Shun the Mass Product: Create a Company Portal Tailored to Your Needs

21st century work is fundamentally collaborative, and the good news is that affordable solutions are available. Collaborative technologies, such as, shared calendaring, document management, team workspaces and project management, can help you cut IT and operations costs, increase productivity, reduce time-to-market, align workgroups and create a more streamlined, dynamic, agile organization.

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Who Needs Expertise to Create a Customized Company Portal!

Are there users within your company that don't need access to all of the features available through HyperOffice? With portal customization, you can create different company portals for as many groups within your company as you want i.e. create one for sales, marketing, IT, administrative or any other group. By customizing their landing page, you choose what they will see and have access to when they login. You decide what features, application and data they will have access to.



Dedicated Collaborative Workspaces for Groups and Individuals

Personal vs. Group - Will they have access to features within their Personal and Group folders? Do you want them to only see group features? Should they not be able to store anything personal? You decide.

Keep Your Portal in Constant Touch with Corporate Change

Customize Company Information - Often, there are announcements and reports that only pertain to one group within your organization. Portal customization is a great way to keep the information current and relevant to that specific group. For example, you may want your sales reps to only have access to the sales group shared calendar and documents and no access to personal information. You may want your reps to land on a page where they get instructions and news for the day. With portal customization you can do this. Monitoring and editing their profiles is simple and quick. 
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