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Parker Poe Adams & Bernstein

Parker Poe Adams & Bernstein is a well-established general practice firm with roots tracing all the way back to 1884. Currently, the firm has a total of 6 offices throughout North and South Carolina and a total of over 200 attorneys, including many acknowledged and prestigious lawyers. Although Parker Poe serves clients regionally, they also have a substantial amount of national, as well as international clientele.

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One of Parker Poe's clients is one of the largest banking groups in the world, and James Thomas, head of the Intellectual Property team, is in charge of the client. The client provides personal, private, business and corporate banking and financial services, including insurance, mortgage, and investments and many other service areas.

The bank deals with high-volume work and needed a way to distribute and disperse information across all of its internal businesses in a time-efficient and organized manner. Obviously, managing it through email would get overwhelming considering the quantum of information that needs to be shared.

Where help was needed

With the many subdivisions and businesses of the bank, they needed an organizational tool to be able to manage different types of information and control who had access to it. Moreover, they also wanted to allow certain people to be able to overlap their access permissions across different classes of information. All these requirements were thrown at Parker Poe, and James Thomas began the project of finding the perfect solution for the banks needs.


After the launch with HyperOffice, Parker Poe has been able to keep their client going for almost 3 years. After the success of the bank's adoption to HyperOffice, Thomas saw it as an opportunity for other clients. Although most of the company's other clients are not working on such large scales as this particular international bank, James felt HyperOffice's versatility would allow it to be used as a collaboration tool for them as well. He began introducing HyperOffice to other bank clients as well, and plans to open up to all clients that the intellectual property department works with.

Bottom line Parker Poe was able to provide a collaboration tool to a client without having to revamp their whole IT department. HyperOffice was easy to set-up and incorporate into the institution, even though it was a huge international bank with complex systems. James Thomas is so pleased with HyperOffice's capabilities that he plans to propose the solution to other clients as well.


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