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O'Meara Ferguson

O'Meara, Ferguson, Whelan, and Conway integrates specifically crafted financial strategies, access to capital financing alternatives, investment management advice, and stewardship-based fundraising counsel to manage and leverage financial assets to build fiscal strength and independence. The majority of their clients are Catholic organizations such as regional Archdiocese, including the Chicago Archdiocese and the Archdiocese of Arlington, VA.

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An Executive Initiative
In the summer of 2008, O'Meara Ferguson executives declared an initiative to create a common collaborative space for contacts, calendar events and documents to be accessed company-wide. As their newly appointed director if IT, Sean Rutherford was tasked with obtaining a solution within budget and with the requested functionality in a single solution.

The search to procure a solution took a number of different routes. As a seasoned IT professional, Sean's initial thought was to obtain different options of installed solutions. This quickly changed after researching various options and realizing that the cloud computing concept was likely the best avenue to address these requirements within the allotted budget.


Solving Unique Problems
Almost a year following the initial implementation, O'Meara Ferguson employees are well rooted in the HyperOffice environment. In fact, HyperOffice has become almost a technical consultant for O'Meara Ferguson. In a unique scenario in September 2009, O'Meara Ferguson needed a temporary solution to receive documents and collaborate with a group of 600 clients over the course of two months. HyperOffice was there to help. Sean was able to work with his account representative to tailor a license specific to this scenario and within the requested budget. The set-up and implementation of this temporarily client extranet was facilitated by HyperOffice by allowing for a one-time import of users and an export of users at the end of the two month period. This made a unique and potentially troublesome requirement a breeze.

O'Meara Ferguson has big plans for growth over the next few years and anticipates using HyperOffice as a means to drive this growth by further adapting the evolving HyperOffice products to meet their evolving needs.

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