Cancellation Terms and Procedure

Are you considering canceling your HyperOffice service? While it is sad to see you leave we would like to make sure that you have the required information to consider all your choices.

Before you continue please note that often times we have resolved customer's issues after working with them through the problem. You have already made an investment in time and money in HyperOffice and we would like a chance to keep you as a customer. Give us a call at 1-800-434-5136 extension 107 and give us another chance to keep you as a customer.

No longer need a solution like HyperOffice? Consider this option...

Has your project come to an end? Are you winding down your venture? Considering an in-house implementation? If for whatever reason you don't want to continue your HyperOffice subscription but expect to have a need for it in the future you may want to consider switching your account to a "Dormant Account Status". For only $1 per user/month we will preserve all information, setup and configuration currently stored in your portal - including your custom domain information. When you are ready to activate your account just give us a call and we will re-activate your portal. In just a few minutes your portal - exactly as it was before - will be up and running. No additional fees or time is required.

Cancellation process

No telephone or email cancellation requests. Why?

It is impossible to authenticate the identity of the person sending an email request or making a phone call requesting cancellation of an account. To prevent disgruntled employees, partners and consultants from making false cancellation requests - that may jeopardize all information in a portal - it is imperative that the system administrator on each account login to their account and complete the cancellation process (please see instructions below).

If you don't know who your system administrator is or if you have forgotten your password please contact support at +1.301.255.0018 option 4 , or send an Email to

Please follow these steps to cancel your account
  1. Login to your portal as a system administrator - if you don't remember your login information please contact support at +1.301.255.0018 or

  2. Click on the "settings" tab on the lower left hand side

  3. Click on the "personal" icon

  4. Click on he "account" tab

  5. Scroll down and click on the "Cancel account" button

  6. Follow the instructions


What is your refund policy?

Is there a refund if we have not used our portal?

What is the effective date for cancellations?

How does the cancellation date impact billing?

What happens to any balance on my account?

How can I find out if there is an outstanding balance on my account?

What happens to my company and user information stored in my portal?

How can I make sure my account was cancelled?

What if I change my mind after canceling?

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